Low graduation rates and poverty dominate the story of New Mexico education. However, when examined through the lens of rural New Mexican students, a dynamic and more complex set of human narratives emerge – of deep family ties, perseverance, cultural traditions, bridging worlds, personal struggle and success. 

The protagonists of the film navigate the myriad of complexities facing rural teenagers today:

Waylon is Navajo and lives without running water or electricity and helps provide the basic needs for his family;

Jimmy faces the challenges of poverty and lives with a family torn apart by addiction;

Juan balances his English speaking school and his Spanish speaking home;

Mitch stays rooted in her Pueblo traditions as she works hard to be the school’s valedictorian;

Vicky lost her mother and must hold down a fast food job to help support her family;

Tiqua must separate from the stability of her fifth-generation farm family.

The film follows the students as they face complex economic realities and straddle their hopes and dreams of childhood with the responsibilities of adulthood.
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